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Bangkok, Thailand

These first two pictures show what a typical Wat looks like in Thailand. This particular one had really good free food on the day I went there.
This is one of the really annoying Tuk-Tuks. It seems like transportation drivers have to take the prize as the most consistently annoying people I run into on my travels.
This is a nice park near Wat Po.
These pictures are Wat Po, which is the national Buddhist shrine. The construction is fairly typical for Thai Buddhist temples, although this is the most elaborate one in Thailand.
This is the Grand Palace, which was the palace for the most recent monarchy that had any actual power. The entrance is so big because it could take a fully dressed out war elephant for ceremonies.
This shows how the shiny buildings are constructed. They tend to be made of mirrors and gemstones.
This mural goes all the way around the building and tells the story of the war that established this particular monarchy.
This is the reclining Buddha. It's a bit strange. It's made of brass, and it's about 30 meters long.