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Spain & Portugal

Note: I made an experimental change to the format for my photo gallery this time.  Feel free to send me any comments.  This page best viewed in full-screen mode.  This usually means press F11.

There are lots of castles and fortifications left over in Spain.  I ran across them every few days.  Some are worth stopping to explore and some aren't.  This old walled city was one of the first I saw. 

This is the cathedral in Barcelona.  This is the one that's actually finished... a long time ago as you can tell.  The other much more famous one is La Familia.  I went to see it when my camera was dead so I don't have any photos to show of it.  I wasn't all that wild about it anyway, so you're not missing all that much.

A better look at the Catalan dance.

You'll notice the fairing disappear from the front of my bike sooner or later.  That was an expensive experiment that didn't work out.  The fairing turned out to be more trouble than it was worth for the type of riding I do, so I eventually got rid of it.

This old walled city made for a funny story.  I was at the gates of the city and wanted to go to a road on the other side.  The map showed a route through the town... sort of.  There was a clearly marked sign to follow on the road I was on though, so I foolishly followed it.  That took me about 5 km down the road, and I when I followed the next sign it brought me 5 km back up the road to the spot about 500 meters from where I'd stopped.  The traffic authorities made the signs specifically to discourage cars from driving through town.  That was the place where I coined one of my cycling rules: "Treat road signs with EXTREME suspicion.  They're made for cars and you're on a bike".

The Parque Natural just before Madrid that had insectopia.  It's been the worst insects I've ever encountered, and I was still scratching away at bug bites a month later in Porto.