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Russia - Russian Museum

These also didn't translate to photos all that well.  The paintings were huge.  Each one took up an entire wall, and they were very powerful in person.  Dang, I'm beginning to sound like an art critic, but don't worry.  I'm not going to get all civilized on you.
Sodom and Gomorrah.  This one was huge and nicely done as well.
This is a Russian Icon.  The word comes from the Greek word for Image.  Russian and English are both somewhat derived from ancient Greek, which is why the two languages share quite a bit of structure and a lot of letters.  The Hermitage had a lot of icons.
This one was called "Conquest of Siberia".  It has everything a good patriotic painting should have.  It's racist (look at the disparity in weaponry between the whites and the Asians), it has a good religious theme (look at the banners), and it has a lot of violence.  A pretty good capsule of aggressive behavior I think.
This was another subtle one that didn't translate well.  Somehow the painter managed to capture the essence of a moonlit night.
This is two orphans burying their parents... an all too common occurrence in world history.
I ran out of juice in my camera when I got to this section.  It had a whole bunch of nicely done "Gypsy" paintings, all full of bright swirling colors.  During WWII the Jews had most of the deaths from the Holocaust, but both the Germans and the Russians killed thousands of Gypsies and other "undesirables".