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Russia - Moscow to St. Petersburg

Here we are on day one getting ready to go just after we got off the train in Tver.
This is a fairly typical campsite.
When Vladimir told us we had to ford this creek, all the foreigners thought it was a distinctly bad idea.  Fortunately, once we quit whining and started doing it turned out to be not much of a big deal.  Nowadays I'd think nothing of it, although I was a bit nervous when I walked across carrying the bag with my computer and camera.  Bents are even more comfortable than Diamond Frames when you're carrying them across a creek.  The seat is nicely padded to protect the shoulder.  These guys think of everything <g>

Photo courtesy Richard & Deborah

The Soviets tried to stamp out religion, so all the churches that they didn't outright destroy, or preserve for "historical" reasons are pretty run down and beat up.  A lot of them are being renovated now, but the work doesn't appear to be progressing all that fast.
Check out the size of Richard and Deborah's tent.  I think I could set my tent up inside of it and they wouldn't even notice me.