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Welcome to the start of the photo gallery for my trip. I've placed a few hundred of the photos from my trip here. This gallery represents the best half of the photos that I've taken. If you see some area you're particularly interested in, let me know and I'll send you copies of the ones I didn't publish.

All pictures have been reduced in size enough to work on a 15 inch monitor running at 800x600. You may need to maximize your browser to make them look right. The pictures have also been reduced in size and quality by a lot so they won't take all day to download. They should look good on your monitor, but won't print out all that well.

If you would like printed copies of any of the pictures, send an email to and tell me which file you want. I'll email the original file which can be printed on any color printer with much better quality than the version on the web page. You can also take it to any photo shop that does digital imaging for a photograph quality print.

The Bike

This page is dedicated to a few pictures of my bike. Not all of the bike pictures are here, as some of them logically belong with other pictures.

These first two are the first decent progress reports I emailed to my friends on my notification list. This one is about 30 km from My Lai, site of the infamous My Lai Massacre in 1968. It was taken by our Vietnamese guide Leah from the window of the bus we used as a support wagon. I was riding through a light drizzle, although we'd had heavier rain earlier in the day and for a couple of days before this picture.
The day after I introduced that whiney tag line about the rain in the last picture, the sun came out with a vengeance. The picture below was taken about one week and 500 km after the first picture.
This is the very first picture ever taken of me actually in motion on the bike. This is right in front of the hotel I was staying at in Hanoi. The doorman for the hotel took this one, and the one after it. It doesn't really convey the hectic nature of traffic in Vietnam, and in fact I haven't really managed to do that yet. This street is essentially a ghost town compared to the streets I ride every day now in Saigon.
This picture was me stopping on the sidewalk in front of the doorman, and just about running over him in the process. He managed to snap this picture, which I kind of liked so I kept it.
This is a side view of the bike, taken while it was relatively clean and new. It's not quite as clean and new now, and I suspect it'll get dirtier and more beat up every day from here on out.