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France - Pass 2

"The Barn".  This is where Aaron and I spent most of our time working.  The woodworking shop is below this.
Noelle originally came here to work on these stone walls, which David was rebuilding at the time.  It seems like an odd choice of professions for a musician.
Here is some nice truss-work.  Noelle and David put these up with the help of another 2 woofers.
David was building this spiral staircase most of the time that I was there.  He had most of the pieces pre-cut, and he just had to fit them and put it together.  It all worked out in the end, although he did get some use out of the new phrases I taught him during the process.
Here's where Aaron and I did most of our work.  That's the planer next to the band saw.  The table saw was set up just out of the picture in the foreground.
Another tough day at the office.
I'll finish off with a work day, just so I can leave you with the impression that I'm a hard-working man.